Philately: the curse of the tedious mind

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Robert Dragone, Nov 4, 2019.

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    Just some background (haughty-superego not intended) I was raised in New England. A town on the coast of Massachusetts, by the name of Neeburyport. I began the philately process at a young age, when my grandfather's collection, became available too me, at about the age of 8. I was into the tedious things for a while. Train sets, coins, painting drawing, recipes, and models. Then I started growing up and got into models, recipes, dueling, making money, and traveling. I was given a bag of stamps, for some favors I did, and I've been 'off-and-running' with this obsession. Over the past few months, all of those 'small detail' quirks, have come back too me. My eyes are starting too focus on the flyspeck aspect of philately. It is a joyous occasion for me. I will have questions for the group; and hopefully answers. An interesting thought occurred too me, in regards too flyspecking. In academia, too achieve a doctoral degree, one must, either prove a theory/fact too be false, as a whole or by a variance; or continue the foundation of a fact too be true, and sound. Hopefully; our discussions can lead us too the new 'million dollar error stamp.
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    Welcome Robert.

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    Hi Robert & Welcome to this group.
    Perhaps you can explain to this ignorant/old fart the difference between 'flyspecking' & 'cockroach frass'?
    Great groups of friendly collectors here to answer just about any philatelic questions.
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    Welcome Robert! As one of many on and off again collectors here I look forward to your participation.
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