Featured Philatelic Exhibition Labels: Volume 1: A-L

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    Philatelic Exhibition Labels by James Drummond, 894(!) pages, $129.00. Loose-leaf, 3-holed punched. All color images.

    Comes now, James Drummond who has compiled and cataloged a number of philatelic sidelines. Clearly, vast amounts of effort and research went into all of his books. Perhaps his most popular are the three volumes and supplement, Philatelic Miscellany – not to be confused with McDonald’s excellent American Philatelic Miscellany. I do not have this series but hope to acquire it soon. All of his works may be purchased from www.ericjackson.com the place for revenue and ‘miscellany’ collectors. The pages load a tad slow for me but the website itself is full of goodies and easily navigated.

    This book is, essentially, a catalog. All the images are in color and text is generally limited to descriptions and facts about the material – values, printings, dates, varieties, sizes. Again, the research required to obtain all of this information leaves me in awe. Philatelic Exhibition Labels will certainly appeal to specialists but is not a storybook. If the field is of interest to you the book is obviously a ‘must-have.’ Lots of eye candy!

    There seems to be a renewal of interest in philatelic sidelines, cinderellas and the like. This tome should be well-received.

    As noted, this is V.1. V.2 – M-Z will be published later; hopefully soon! Ergo, the full ticket will run around $260.00. Note also, the pages are unbound. That suits me fine. I have several books towards this size in nice matching binders I bought from Wal-Mart for $7.00 each.

    Let me place blame for this brief review squarely where it belongs - <ANGLOBOB> and <DONSELLOS>! They are the rascals who encouraged my interest in cinderellas and poster stamps generally and philatelic exhibition material specifically!


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    Love the slogan cancel on that cover Richard! The only obscene mail I get these days if from political parties. :eek: Even if I got some, reporting it would be futile. No one at my post office answers the phone these days.

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    True. This cover was just 19 days after the stamp release. Good timing for the show. We will not have any shows in Canada any time soon. Its making me want to bid higher to keep my collection growing.
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