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    This is actually a follow-up to your post showing the interesting Fox?Kelleher cover in the Stamp Dealers thread. I didn't want to hijack that post so I am starting this thread with an aside that the multiple Netherlands flag stamps on that cover reminded me of.

    Those Overrun Nations stamps were also a drug on the market. As late as 1997 Stamp Collector of Iola, Wisconsin, was giving away a complete mint set of the "Nations" as a gift for subscribing. Probably the subscription enticement was indicative of an rapidly declining subscription rate. Here's its thank you note which I included in my first page of the set.


    The Overrun Nations issue was interesting as it showed the political bias that favored the European war over the Pacific-Asian war. A count of the of the stamps in the set reveals twelve European nations and one in Asia -- Korea. The Korean stamp appeared eleven months after the last European nation stamp (Denmark) was issued and only after a little protest.

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    Attractive! Thanks for the new information on them.

    There is a long article about them in one of the Stamp Specialists; guess I will need to pull and read.

    Keith Lichtman is writing a book for each of the Overrun stamps. He has five out at this time one of which I own, The Poland Stamp and It's Varieties. I'd like to have the others but they never seem to come to the top of my want-list.
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    I probably need to read one of these books. I can't imagine there being that much information of interest about them to merit a book-length treatment. Can you give a mini review of what the book you have covers?

    Also, do you have a link to the article you mention? I would appreciate seeing it (the link) if you do.




    On a related topic -- I think the Exchange needs a forum for books, articles, albums, pages, anything printed about philately. Actually, it needs other new forums too, such as Covers, Cinderellas, & Topicals, BOB items for a start. How do we get in touch with Peter to ask for these?
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    Hi <DON>

    The gentleman who mentored me in trading during the 1970s used to say, "There's a lot going on in those charts!" Well, 'there's a lot going on in those stamps. too!' If memory serves, the series was not printed by the Bureau.

    There are a few errors most noted is the 'P' instead of 'R' in the Korea stamp. Also, different papers and multiple plate varieties although some of them are more flyspecking than true plate varieties, IMHO. Sol Glass' articles are excellent - they are in The Stamp Specialist Coral Book (1945) and Chartreuse Book (1948). Apparently reprinted as a booklet although I've never seen it.

    There is also Engel's Flag Stamp Varieties Catalog. To whet your appetite I've attached the four pages on the Korea stamp from that book. Plate varieties and flyspecking - one person's passion is another's poison... I am personally not as keen on them as I was at one time.

    I also pulled Poland and review this week. They are very well researched books!

    I agree with you on the additional forums! I think you can just message him, member to member?

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    The images showing the different printing varieties is amazing! Where does a person get all of the stamps needed to make the comparisons and find the differences. Certainly a monumental, and unappreciated, work! Then there is the doing of it not just for one stamp, but for thirteen!

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