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    Are these watermarks common on older US covers? This one here is postmarked 1893 I believe. The watermark reads "US" with 94 vertical in the S and "POD" vertical in the U. Not sure what POD stands for? Were they used specifically for the upper class? I think I remember reading something along those lines about bond paper a while back. I have a few of these with most on 2c Washington stationary.

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    Yes, watermarking was common through about 1920 or so. USPOD stands for United States Post Office Department. Reorganization happened about 1980 when it changed to the USPS.
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    Nice Hoch. I have not seen one yet personally, maybe someday.
    I think watermarking is one reason why classic stamps are more valuable than the recent ones.
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    These watermarks are on most pieces of Postal Stationery as a security measure.
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