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  1. redsox81

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    Don't know much about this, if its a true revenue or a Cinderella. I'm guessing its around the 1950's? I'm wondering if the "E" in state would be considered an error plate flaw?

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  2. Hochstrasse

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    Yes, it's a true "reveneue", but it is a State revenue. An inconsistent "E" could possibly be a "variety" depending on it's prolificness, but only a state revenue catalogue for that particular State would indicate that.
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    speaking of revenues does anyone have any extra badly used "greens" (RD stock transfers from 1940 to 1952)? I am trying to fill the gaps with cut or perf examples and missing most over 50 cents. I can trade other revenues or whatever. It looks like the attached PDF works. I have the "x"'s. I can make another of my duplicates.


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  4. Philactica

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    I would rather think it is just a poor print and quiet normal for these to have all kinds of flaws.
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