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    Wondering what you'll make of this... I think its #9L? Looks as if the perforate on the left side pins had trouble punching through at the top, I think only one may have lightly broke through but from the middle to the bottom the pins didn't even make the slightest mark let alone punctured the paper. Would this fall under missed perf error and if so what kind d of cash value does it have? Also, am I right on the cat #? Thanks! IMG_20140402_163554_044-1.jpg IMG_20140402_163936_379-1.jpg
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    I can't seem to find a record of any other with this type of error. You would think considering its age and that it already sells for around $30-$40 USD, that it should have a pretty high cash value w/error, and I suppose it helps having that small piece of the stamp it was attached to still attached.
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    It depends on various factors, whether it has a watermark, what the perforation is and what the color is. The scan is a bit dark and I can't tell if it is blue, green or bluish-green. The pictures I've seen of this stamp on the Internet seem to indicate that it has inconsistent perfing, so it isn't all that uncommon of an oddity, but certainly many of the varieties are pricey. There are reprints of the Mount Cook issue that are a different color. I have seen an imperforate black issue as well.
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    I know, there's always so much more to a stamp than it appearance. Its a tuff hobby! Its perf 11, green (in the scan it looks a bit darker but its actually a pretty light color green and the paper almost reminds me of a newspaper stamp. The wmk is NZ and star double line, so it would have to be 1900 or 1901? Found a decent site stating in 1902 the perf was changed to 14 and single-line watermark and that the perf 11 is considered scarce. I'm not sure I believe the perf 11 is really that scarce (although it was short lived) as I have about 20 or so copys and about 20 of the perf 14.
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    Yes, I think you are correct about 1900 for the issue. The reprints came out in 1902.
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    Such stamps or any in general of most Countries is well researched and detailed in literature.

    What you have there is a common value of normal poor print on different papers of that time which makes exhausting study.
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