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    Was going through a small collection I bought over the weekend and found this neat little guy. The scan really doesn't do much justice for the double impression. In hand is quite "trippy" looking especially with the different colors. Its of minimum value I'm sure but with the error can anyone tell me if it has a set or particular value or is it basically whatever someone is willing to pay?

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    The stamp is actually a Swedish charity stamp, probably a Christmas seal. Only a catalog of Christmas seals is going to give an indication of value. The double transfer is pretty neat, but without being able to reference its scarcity it could be more common than one might suppose.
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  3. Philactica

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    Indeed, because it is a Christmas charity stamp not much attention is given to a final quality print and would not be something of value, just an oddity.
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    I think those who specifically collect religious related stamps could give a better value for this stamp. :)
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    Candidly Speaking, stamp collections are a great idea for all of us. Especially, when we had a very first collection of a old and antique one which is at this time its worth or value is so surprising and amazing. The value of each century stamp may differ upon the areas or places but its prize is 50 times up of its value.
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