Nice lot on Ebay 100 year old album loaded

Discussion in 'Auction Listings' started by Nicksstamps, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Nicksstamps


    This is a really interesting album E-bay item #121184002412
  2. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    Hi Nick, it will be great if you can introduce yourself a bit and know your collection interests.
    Welcome to the forum. :)
  3. Nicksstamps


    Hi, Thank you for the welcome. I am pretty much interested in everything related to stamps. The one thing I enjoy the most is taking a bunch of nothing and making it something. I spend a lot of time on my collections before I sell them. My site pretty much explains how I got so hooked on this hobby.
  4. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    I visited your site. Informative and interesting. :)
  5. vatrecia

    vatrecia New Member

    Nice website very informative site, the stamps are great. also welcome to the community I am a newbie as well.
  6. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    Welcome to both of you :D
  7. This is a great site Nick. I am glad you have joined the group. It seems like you have wealth of expertise.
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