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    Probably as most of you, I still have tons of stamps I have not yet been through with a fine tip comb waiting to be taken out of the little glassine envelopes and put in my albums. I was browsing through some of my Nicaraguan stamps and found this. It was mixed in with about 30 or so of the same except for the small overprint of an iron cross on the left and the word that says (I believe) "resells" Any idea if that overprint is common or not? As usual I can't find a match on the web to compare.

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    The stamp is Nicaragua Scott C447. The overprint (Resello) is one used by some Latin American countries to indicate a revaluation or reissue of the stamp. In this case the catalog entry says it was overprinted for the Red Cross to aid earthquake victims in Chile, but no indication of the amount that went to the Red Cross. The stamp is minimum catalog value and the overprint is on the airmail set of Nicaragua Scott C437 - C442..

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