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    I'm Alex and I am totally new to stamp collecting. A few months ago I bought an 1960's "La Poste" mail box and this got me interested in stamps. If I am honest over the years I have often kept foreign or special edition stamps that I have liked. So Stamp collecting is probably just an extension of this.

    I'm not really interested in having an expensive collection and what I have been doing is buying mixed bags of used French and US stamps on eBay. Then using a website to catalogue what I own and putting the stamps in bags. Eventually I will buy some albums and file them.

    I'm Northern Irish but spent 20 years living in England and now spend most of my time living in France. As I owned the post box and pretty much live in France I started with French stamps. I also bought a 1948 US mailbox (yes I know some people shouldn't be allowed to go near eBay!) so I have also stated to collect US stamps. In my very limited experience US stamps tend to be smaller and more colourful than French stamps. And with US stamps there seem to be lots of variations to the same design and we don't appear to get as much of that with French stamps.

    Currently have 762 French stamps and 255 US stamps in my collection.

    Anyway thats me. I am hear to learn so please excuse any silly/daft questions.

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    Welcome, Alex. You'll find quite an eclectic mix of interests here on StampExchange!

    I collect 19th & 20th Century U.S. as well as chess and cycling topicals. Here's a nice France cycling stamp. I believe that is Jacques Anquetil, one of my childhood heros.

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    Welcome......I am interested in used French stamps.Have a good collection,only lacking the really expensive stamps.Right now,I am into Montimbramoi or personalized stamps.I have plenty of duplicates if you are interested in trading.
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    Thanks for your reply, I have lots of dups., but I have nothing special all mine are regular, easily found stamps. I am not sure that I would have anything that you want.

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    Hello Alex,
    first may I welcome you to the forum, also may I ask where in the world are you based please? finally what do you collect? ww, countries or themes?
    I look forward to seeing some input from you and seeing some of your collection.

    Regards, James.
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    Welcome to the forum

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    Hi Alex,
    A firm Texas Welcome to this forum & its' excellent & well informed members. I'm sure if you have any questions RE: your collection, these
    men & ladies w/ be of assistance. I collect Br. commonwealth 1970 & before.
    Regarding your observation on stamps of France, have you noticed how beautifully crafted their Arctic Territories stamps are? I have to admit, I have been tempted to include these as an addition to my BC collecting.
    Nevertheless, hope you enjoy this group & continue expanding your collection.
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