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Discussion in 'World Stamps' started by Joshua Lambert, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Joshua Lambert

    Joshua Lambert New Member

    Hello everyone!
    Well took awhile but I finally found a forum that is all about stamps and not some company or scam site!
    My grandfather has asked that I try and figure out the best way to sell his stamp collection. Now here is the issue... It is massive. Our family live up north in Orillia Ontario (Canada) so dealers are not easy to come by. At least reputable ones.
    So I guess my main question is this collection valuable? Would it be worthwhile to drive hours to meet with a collector or dealer? If so how do I know that I am getting a fair price?
    I don't know much about stamps its my grandfather that has the knowledge. Even his knowledge is limited however as he has had the collection sitting around for 25+ years in a closet.
    His final goal is to take my grandmother over to Ireland. :)
    Pictures of a few stamps is attached. Use this link to view more of the collection: Any advice would be largely appreciated! (and of course I will try to provide any extra info that people need)


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  2. desertgem

    desertgem Active Member

    Josh, If he has a 'collection' ~ , probably Canadian, ~a few photos of the first 4 pgs or say the first 60 different stamps or so, would give a better idea. These photos show mainly a stock book , where the extra copies are stored. Some are high value $1, but most appear to be after the 1945 era and used. Although the overprint 'G' for official use, etc. are interesting. Selling collections of multiple copies, usually means that few or no one would want to offer a lot of value for the whole collection, as they might end up trying to sell the copies later. Most quotes may appear low, but one has to remember that people who buy these usually wish to make money from them eventually, and stamp collecting is getting weaker with time and the value of many middle road collections has dropped severely. The easiest to sell is a collection of individual stamps of good quality and before 1940 which is where Scott considers the older 'classical age' stamps ending :(

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  3. Joshua Lambert

    Joshua Lambert New Member

    This helps a lot! I know he has a bunch of stamps from the 1940s and earlier I will have to get a few pictures next weekend. So anything after the 1940s is essentially not worth selling going forward it seems?
  4. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Administrator Moderator

    I wouldn't advise driving hours to get to a dealer. You might spend more money in gas than the dealer will offer you for the collection. I'm not sure what you have else there, but the dealer is going to offer you significantly less than wholesale (that's how they stay in business). If you have the time, the thing to try would be to split them up into sensible lots and sell them on eBay.
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  5. desertgem

    desertgem Active Member

    ." So anything after the 1940s is essentially not worth selling going forward it seems?"

    There are some of course, but for a dealer, it would be time consuming going through large amounts hoping to spot a jewel.

    For US, many dealers just look at regular up to the Kansas/Nebraska series (1929), but sometimes there are mint high value $1, $5 in old time collections but rarely. Many collectors today of US, don't have the modern higher face value stamps.

    Airmails similar.

    I and many others will face a similar situation as age catches and over-runs us as to what to do with our collections.
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  6. Joshua Lambert

    Joshua Lambert New Member

    Makes sense. Is there a general online guide anywhere for rough pricing so I know how much to sell them for? It seems my grandfather DOES in fact have pricing for some of them but this pricing is from about 20+ years ago. Would it still be accurate enough?
    Yea that is the sad reality as my grandfather is feeling the same way. He would just like to sell it off to enjoy the last 10 years or so of his life. All this information does help however I appreciate it everyone!
  7. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    I hope you can sell those stamps on a nice price for your grandparents. :)
    Maybe you can just scan or take photos on those stamps and try to trade online.
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  8. jim72051

    jim72051 Active Member

    If your collection is primarily Canadian you may find someone here that knows Canadian Stamps (I don't ) and will set up a Skype session with you while you are near the collection. They can tell you what is worth looking up in a catalog.
    For used stamps you will need to have pre 1940 and real value occurs pre 1900. To estimate value you really only need about a dozen pages out of a Scott Catalog after about 2005. Maybe a Canadian in the group can copy those pages and mail them to you. If that doesn't happen contact us again and one of your southern neighbors can send the pages you need.
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  9. Joshua Lambert

    Joshua Lambert New Member

    Anywhere you think I should go to trade online other than the obvious ebay?
  10. Joshua Lambert

    Joshua Lambert New Member

    That would be amazing. I hope a fellow Canadian sees this and responds :D
  11. Philactica

    Philactica Active Member

    To make some better money out of these could take some time to disperse.
    A dealer would give to a dispicable wholesale price because he would need to disperse them.

    The sad reality is that your grandfather would like to have to a lumps some to do what he wants. The gradual selling off of such items is more profitable in the long run, you need time.

    The items you have shown have a high catalague value.
    My SG 0177 is £45.00 each - the 50c green OHMS overprints
    The SG 0189 is £80.00 - $1 purple with G overprint.

    So there substancial value attached to these and selling the in bulk you would be lucky to get 5%.
    If you sell individualy, (and they must be in a good condition with a good cancel) you could get 10 - 15% easily.

    I suggest you take one of each on a stock sheet, price the sheet stating the catalogue value (Scott or SG) and offer them for one Dollar on ebay.

    Once the buyers fought over them and the price is established you sell the similar lot at a price less than the top price you sold the first lot for.

    In other words - Total cat. value came to $220.00. You off them for $1.
    The highest bid for the initial lot on the card was say $30.
    The you sell the next lot at $28.

    Youi could possibly also offer all other bidders the same lot at say $25 if there are numerous bidders

    The figures can be relative.

    Though the processes is time consuming which you may not have, it become real fun to sell these per stock sheet.

    Let the buyers fight for them instead of a dealer ripping you off.
  12. Joshua Lambert

    Joshua Lambert New Member

    Thank you very much. This sounds like the best course of action. Although I do not have an ebay account (will be tricky to make the first sale) I do have the time to do this.
  13. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Administrator Moderator

    I like @Philactica 's approach. One thing you could consider, if you want to sell on eBay but have no established account, is having someone who lives near you and is established on eBay do the listing for you. There are people who do this as a business, they'll take the item and make the pictures and list it on eBay and take a percentage of the sale. If you really have thousands of valuable stamps, though, I'd still stick with setting up your own account and establishing yourself.
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  14. Joshua Lambert

    Joshua Lambert New Member

    Yea this is what I will be doing. Selling just one at a time until I can build up a high enough rating. I book marked this website in hopes of getting my grandfather on here to talk to you all as he is... well he is computer illiterate :) we will see.
  15. Philactica

    Philactica Active Member

    If you have time you won half the battle.
    Now that little bit of advice from Peter is worthwhile lookin into for two main reasons.
    One is that the already ebay user may knows the ropes and probably a track record on good feedback.
    The second just as important, is getting a good scanned image instead of a photo image.

    You would need to be in control though and doing the sale on ebay yourself would be best again, time permitting.
    I advise you to get a scanner plus a Canadian catalogue. To price the the stamps you should go to the library and get the latest catalogue and price the stamps. This should not even take long to identify such as you have shown above.

    Talk to your grandfather maybe he can help you establish sets which also would be attractive on ebay.
    No point in selling the top values and having the low values remain.

    The identification and pricing is just to get some value that could be attached to your listing.

    Even though you may just be starting on ebay with Zero feedback the $1 listing of items would soon be noticed.
    I would also suggest you as novice to sell only in Canada or maybe the States.
    It gets more involved were you to sell worldwide which you could still do when you feel you should.
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  16. Philactica

    Philactica Active Member

    Being computer illiterate is just a disadvantage. Think of all the knowledge he has just to get these stamps sorted.
    May I suggest.
    You do the selling on ebay, your GD prepares the stamp stock card or set for the image. Both agree on the value (obtained per catalogue value).
    If there is a problem COMMUNICATE.
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  17. Philactica

    Philactica Active Member

    I should start a pushing sales business myself on my local front but somewhat of a different scenario but doable;)
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  18. Philactica

    Philactica Active Member

    Here is a sample of a $1 offere for a $41.00 lot.

    There are 6 watchers who can fight over them and I have place an offer price of $8 for the same.
    I previously listed the same also as a first time and it sold for over $10.00. That is why I reduced the iten to $8 not to be too greedy.

    Were they to sell higher I would lift slightly the starter price.

    This starter at $1.00 should only be for items you have many of and you need not tell anyone, how many.
    You do not want to sell a $80 item for $1:banghead:, so be careful and leave room for interested parties to bid and make you rich :happy:
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  19. Joshua Lambert

    Joshua Lambert New Member

    Thank you so much. This helps more then you know!!! If there are any rare Canadian stamps your after let me know I will give it to you cheap for the help you have provided to us :D (send me names of some and ill hunt through the boxes for ya)
  20. jim72051

    jim72051 Active Member

    attached is a pdf file of the Canada G overprints page from my 2011 Scott catalog.

    It will allow you to get an estimate of the value of the G stamps. The first column is for mint unused and the second column is used in good condition. You may try sending the photos you have shown here to a dealer by email and get an offer on just these stamps without travelling.

    You can also go to EBAY and search on Canada G Overprint. It will show you what is being offered. then click on the box marked "show only sold listings" to get an idea what they are actually selling for

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