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Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by RICHARD Babcock, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. A pair of 300b on cover with guide line position E, Just sent to APS for certificate. One other set on cover registered with the PF,no postal cancel. This can also be seen on sweetish Tiger stamp identification web site.Found in a postmasters collection from ww2.Any more info would be appreciated. bp300.jpg
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    Looks like a nice cover. Your stamp identification questions are out of my league. However, I believe the cancel is a Doremus Type E

  3. Yes that's right Don Thank you. I think what deters the value of these stamps are in fact the true rarity of them, They were produced about six months. Before the new stamps replaced them. Collectors never go a chance to put them into there collections. A lot have been miss identified and lost to Fidelity forever, The more common ones are more plentiful for collectors but still vary scarce. This more common one was in the same collection. 300w.jpg
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  4. Here is the man that collected these covers. mell-scfopt (1).jpg
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    Do you know if the USAAF mail clerk was a collector or just an accumulator of covers?

  6. His wife was the collector, He sent letters to her, even some poppy seeds from Europe, The envelope has never been opened.It was an ww2 collection and before, I imagine i only got a little bit of it at auction. This has no bearing but i like to show it off time to time. flag riseing - Copy-scfopt.jpg
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