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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by goinpostal, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. goinpostal

    goinpostal New Member

    Looking to liquidate my collection of about 250,000 stamps

    from 1800's to 2000

    Countries Include: Aden, Afghanistan, Andorra, Antigua, Anguilla, Australia, Benin, Hungary, Poland, Buenos Aires, Peru, Portugal, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Austria, Russia, St Vincent, St Helena, Togo, Central Africa, Ghana, Somolia, Egypt, Palestine, Pakistan, India, Maruitus, Martinique, Algeria, Haute Vollta, Cambodia, North Korea, Japan, Siam, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Monaco, Persia, Greece, Spain, Ireland, India, Indochine, Indonesia, China, Italy, Romania, Mexico, Brasil, Belgium, Bolivia, Czechoslovakia, Bosnia, Brunei, Guyana, South Africa, Cameroun, Malaya, Gambia, Gabon, France, Surname, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Bulgaria, Belarus, Philippines, Canada, Iceland, Macau, Maroc, Samoa, Vatican City, Laos, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, North Borneo, Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Yugoslavia, Uruguay, Kenya, Uganda, Britain, El Salvador, Malaysia, Victoria, Polynesia, Aereo, Irac, Iran, Suadi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Dutch West Indies, French Colonies, Burma, Ajman, Fiji, Abu Dhabi, Bahawalpur, Saargebeit, Congo, Bermuda, Leeward Islands, Falkan Islands, Honduras, Hong Kong, Grenada, Gold Coast, Guadeloupe, Mongolia, Madagascar, Pitcairn Island, Rhodesia, Reunion, Angola, Guatemala, Nigeria, Niger, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Panama, Rwanda, Papua, San Marino, Sahara, Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Sao Tome/Principe, Solomon Islands, Senegal, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Chad, Cayman Islands, Jordan, Liberia, Lesotho, Malta, Swaziland, Latvia, Cyprus, Ceylon, Luxembourg, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Dubai, Dijibouti, Dahomey, Turkey, Tunisia, Maldives, Mozambique, Trinidad, Ethiopia, Natal, Nauru, Finland, Netherlands, Yemen, Virgin Islands, Wallis & Futuna, Malawi and Tajikistan

    Have Sheets, Partial Sheet, Singles, Pairs, Blocks, Plate Blocks, Souvenir Mini Sheets and FDC

    Most values from $0.20 to $34 but do have many with values over $100, over $1000 and even over $10,000

    Tons of Topicals Available & Some Country Specific Entire Collections of 500+ Stamps like China, Indonesia, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Nigeria

    Tell me what you are looking for and I will reply with what I have available in that area or specialty

    Pricing is straight forward all stamps being sold at 50% off current catalog values regardless of how high the value is so you could snag a once in a lifetime deal on high value stamps.

    High value stamps like US Scott #596 are not expertized but do come with a certificate of measurement and perf acquired with EZperf software that does calculations based on scanned image of stamp and includes the scanned image of the stamp on the certificate as well so you know your getting the exact stamp. In my opinion its more accurate then

    Payments via paypal only

    Shipping is $3.95 first 50 stamps or less for over 50 TBD
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  2. Algernon

    Algernon New Member

    You have Germany States stamps?
    Thank you


    ERIC WEIL New Member

  4. Takis Kalogerakos

    Takis Kalogerakos Active Member

  5. goinpostal

    goinpostal New Member

    yes i do maybe 800 or so anything specific?
  6. Algernon

    Algernon New Member

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  7. Algernon

    Algernon New Member

    You have stamps of Thurn und Taxis?
    Thank you
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