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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by steve logan, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Tom D

    Tom D Well-Known Member

    So Steve are you going to be our first center fold. :eek: This is a moment in history! ;) We really do hope you get better. :rolleyes:
  2. steve logan

    steve logan Logie Bear

    Thank you to everyone for your nice comments and best wishes :) they are receieved well

    as for me and just sunglasses, now looking like i have just got out of a concentration camp, would not be good for anyones eye or imagination lol

    i will not be going anywhere for 3-4 months, but with all that is happening the wife said for me to get them packed up first, so i can still receive mail for the moment, and i have a few bits here i still need to post out, which i will do asap

    she wants the dvd collection packed up next (over 3000 films) that will be an achievement on its own lol

  3. Tom D

    Tom D Well-Known Member

    You have a wife like mine.:confused: We don't have 3,000 but we are close I am sure.
  4. kacyds

    kacyds New Member

    I wished I had the money that my wife has spent on VHS (years ago) and the DVD's. :eek::mad: We still have about 500 VHS tapes, what the hell is that good
  5. Tom D

    Tom D Well-Known Member

    A happy marriage is a happy wife:rolleyes:
  6. kacyds

    kacyds New Member

    You got that right, the heck with the husband being happy. I tell my kids, if Mommy is happy, we are all happy. My kids are 15 and 11, and they fully understand this Have been married for 22 years, so I learned this a long time ago.
  7. Tom D

    Tom D Well-Known Member

    22 next month for me also. I almost got her broke in now.
  8. kacyds

    kacyds New Member

    I wont tell her that you said that.... lol
  9. Tom D

    Tom D Well-Known Member

    she went to get her hair done , birthday on the 28. My dad always said "There are two date you must never forget; 1) her birthday and 2) her wedding". He was a very smart man.
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  10. kacyds

    kacyds New Member

    and two words that a man should never forget, " Yes Dear"
  11. Tom D

    Tom D Well-Known Member

    and do not forget the smile:rolleyes:
  12. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Administrator Moderator

    Hey Steve, was wondering where you went! I hope you'll be well soon.
  13. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth New Member

    MM, that's not nice but don't panic. maybe easier said than done.
    meanwhile, i use your scott catalogue with the soviet stamps i'm reviewing on catawiki.
    get well soon!
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