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Discussion in 'What's it Worth?' started by arjamar2017, Feb 5, 2018.

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  2. arjamar2017

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    I'm selling all of them... for the right price[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. Werner Salentin

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    What kind of help would you need ?
  4. arjamar2017

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    well i don't have electricity in my apartment, cos I spent all my money on these stamps. So if someone is interested in buying these contact me. And to know the value of them would be nice to know...

    Deutsches Reich

    I'm going to take more pictures of them tomorrow..

    Thank you Werner for your interest..

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  5. Werner Salentin

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    As it seems to me,you have very little knowledge about stamp-
    collecting.The pictures you made show cheap and unsignificant
    stamps.Others,like the 10 C.Napoleon are of such a poor quality,
    that they are worthless.
    Some of your pictures are so unclear,that it is not possible to
    classify the shown stamps,let alone check their quality.
    I think there is no easy way,to evaluate the value of such
    Best would be to give them to an experienced dealer or collector
    who will be able to tell you wether it is worthwhile trying to sell
    them.Probably they will find stamps of some value,what can be
    sold one by one.

    As a general rule to find out the value of such collections:
    a) disregard all stamps of a catalogue-value of less than € 1.-
    b) disregard all stamps with visible faults valued less than € 10.-
    c) count all stamps exceeding € 10.- cat.-val. with visible faults
    according to the kind of the fault,but never count them more
    than 10 % cat. (the 10 C.Napoleon would be in the range of 1%
    f.i. !)
    d) add all fully sound stamps valued more than € 1.- and the
    stamps of c) (discounted) to a final cat.value amount.
    e) from that you can expect at best a cash price of 10% of this
    amount or somewhat less.
    Of course this is a general rule only.If somewhere in these albums
    should be a more expensive stamp,what I doubt,such a stamp
    might be sold on it´s own by a better price.
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