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Discussion in 'World Stamps' started by pdotk, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. pdotk

    pdotk Active Member

    Issued on 19th September 2014, Ancient Chinese art treasure - Blue and white porcelain. Taiwan Embossed Ceramic Bird.jpg
  2. pdotk

    pdotk Active Member

    South Korea has issued 4 stamps on Must to see destinations for Koreans in 2018.
    Below mountain stamp(Chuwangsan Park) is one among them. It has the stone powder effect.

    South Korea Stone powder stamp 2018 on cover.jpg
  3. pdotk

    pdotk Active Member

    Scratch and sniff:
    Malaysia 2012 Aromatic plants, Scented MS.

    Mslaysia medicinal plant scented MS 2012.jpg
  4. pdotk

    pdotk Active Member

    Malaysia Holographic Foil:
    Holographic foil printing is used to give the glittering effect on convention center.
    Issued in 2014, for World Youth stamp exhibition.

    Glittering MS-WYE-Malaysia-Joel.jpg
  5. pdotk

    pdotk Active Member

    Holographic foil:
    Holographic foil printing is used to give the glittering effect.
    Issued in 2014. Hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia and Rafflesia, the world's
    biggest flower.
    Raffelasia Stamp.png
  6. pdotk

    pdotk Active Member

    Circular stamp:

    Circular Maple leaf stamp, issued for the 100th anniversary of Toronto Maple leafs, on 24th October, 2017.
    Canada Maple leafs circular stamp 2017.jpg
  7. pdotk

    pdotk Active Member

    Fan shaped stamps:
    Singapore issued this in 2006.

    Singapore Fan shaped stamps MS 2006.jpg
  8. pdotk

    pdotk Active Member

    Oval shape:

    France issued stamp in 2011 for Rugby game.

    France Oval Stamp 2011.jpg
  9. pdotk

    pdotk Active Member

    Heart Shape:
    Issued by France on 2003 Valentine's Day.

    France 2003 heart shaped stamps.jpg
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  10. pdotk

    pdotk Active Member

    Circle stamp:
    2001, France World weight lifting championship.

    France Weight lifting MS circle stamps.jpg
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    What is a diet doing on several pages of a philatelic site?
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