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    Very interesting! Thanks for posting that link. I'm going to watch it and see what happens.

    I'm tempted to buy that, but probably won't. $20 plus shipping for a lid to an ice cream cup! Only an avid Capt. Tim collector will buy that. I have a Capt. Tim club member's pin, a copy of his album, and a couple of covers sent from his HQs to club members. That's enough for me.

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    These are the unique Nassau Street addresses on covers I have for stamp dealers from 1888 to 1964. I am currently researching these buildings, accumulating photos/postcards in an effort to put together a realistic skyline/street-scape for the NS website. Some dealers moved around several times (Burger Bros, Bartels). Other locations were meccas – of course 116 but also 87 and 99.

    I need to cross reference these with my Master List of NS dealers; sure there are quite a few more addresses and dealers! As described in Herst's Nassau Street, many small dealers came-and-went within a few months.

    53, 58, 60, 65, 66, 68, 70,71, 75, 77, 80, 81, 85, 87, 90, 91, 93, 99, 100, 109, 111, 112, 116, 140, 150, 154.

    The Tribune Building also had several dealers. It was at the intersection on Nassau and Spruce streets.
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    That will be an amazing product when finished!

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    I forgot J.A. Brennan @37. No cover, but a coin.:)

    I again wrote my contact at the NYPL for possible links to photos, maps of NS. Of course, like people, buildings come-and-go over such a period of time...
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    Nowherelands – An Atlas of Vanished Countries 1840-1975 by Bjorn Berge

    This nice little book came to me in a small mixed lot of philatelic publications I recently purchased. Each country is given a short history, a few ‘fun facts’ about it and the stamps (sometimes stamp!) of the country. Very well-written, entertaining and instructive. The author must have put some real work into compiling the list and learning about these nowherelands. Many names I’ve never heard or known about until now: Obock,Nandgaon, Allenstein, Saseno, Hatay - 50+ countries. Certainly, recommended for the true WW collector!:joyful: I see copies going for $8-$10… 240 pages, extensive bibliography and color images of the stamps.

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    Anyone own a PHILATECTOR back in the day? NO, you didn't buy them at the adult toy store.:dead:

    "The PHILATECTOR is the only instrument of its kind which will effectively reveal watermarks in postage stamps without the aid of benzine...the PHILATECTOR will reveal watermarks where benzine and all other methods have failed!"

    It cost $5.00 which seems quite pricey to me for that time. I was only months old and you could purchase a month's supply of Gerber stewed carrots for less than $1.00!

    How did it work? Could you get away with such advertising today? This is from the August 1950 S.P.A. Journal. I recently purchased a mixed run of the Journal from 1948-1978 and am learning all sorts of things!

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    Philatector apparently did not work as well as advertised or we would all have one and they would be selling for $39.95!

    However, I seem to remember a similar product available today which claims to detect watermarks on stamps on cover. I can't remember its name however.

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    It must have sold well. Max Ohlman in an ad indicates he has sold 1300 of them! A couple on eBay, I might pick one up as philatelic ephemera.
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    Speaking of Mr. Ohlman...a nice, clean cover. He had a lucky room number. Most of the 116 NS returns do not show a room.

    Addressed to a well-known collector in Colorado of whom I believe I wrote something about at an earlier date.

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    I don’t know if I’ve shown these before…my home office is covered with stacks of NS material. I’ve decided to include ads for the dealers as I find them in old periodicals. Another stack of postcards and scanned images in the attempt to recreate the NS skyline circa 1940. I am getting some assistance from the NYPL in identifying the buildings when the were built and in many cases, when they were demolished. Obviously, the skyline changed from 1890s to 1960s.

    George Sloane – These are a little tough to find. This one came with a nice handwritten and signed note from Mr. Sloane.

    Gimbels – Not NS but I purchased a small lot of Gimbels covers recently along with several photographs of the stamp department back in the day.

    Grace Stamp Company – Quite a few ’93-99’ NS covers, different dealers…

    Herbert-Rice Auctions – Only one I have for them.

    If you have Nassau Street Dealer Covers for any of those I do not have, consider posting a scan and proper accreditation text if I may use them on the Nassau Street website. (I am also working on a spreadsheet for all those I do have – happy to provide a copy when it is complete-to-date.)

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    Hi Molokai:

    Nice lot of covers! I especially like the one from Gimbels and its Marine Corps Detachment cancellation from St. Lucia. That must have been good duty before the war, but surely came to a screeching halt after Dec 7th. Sure would have beat the Marine detachment up in Iceland about the same time. The patriot cachet is one of Jacqques Minkus'. I've always been surprised that he was producing patriotic cachets well before the U.S. entered WW II.

    How about it @Gunny? Did you ever have a duty station like St. Lucia?

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    I was stationed at quite a few tropical climes: Rota Spain, Hawaii & Okinawa, Japan. It wasn't all fun and games though as I was also stationed in north central Massachusetts for 5 years.
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    Hey, it could have been worse! You might have been sent to Chicago!:nailbiting:

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    Wishing the StampExchange gang Happy Holidays! I hope 2021 is the year you find a 596.

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    Sounds good. I hope to learn something.
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