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    Wasn't that Bunny Kaplan pictured on Anglobob's bicycle stamp?

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  2. Molokai

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    LOL! At the end of the article she does mention 'Rabbits' are another of her favorite topicals.
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  3. Molokai

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    I didn't want to start a thread until I was sure we didn't already have one...

    BEER ON STAMPS - Seems like a interesting area - postage, revenue, cinderella/poster.

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    I,ll drink to that....!!!!:cat::cat::cat:
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  5. Molokai

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    This has just been published. The price keeps it off my 'must-have' list for right now although I am sure it is worth every penny. Drummond has written some fantastic books. His Catalog of Philatelic Miscellany (3 volumes plus Update) is wonderful reading and study!

    Philatelic Exhibition Labels, Part one: U.S.: A to L by James N. Drummond. A catalog and check list of labels issued by stamp exhibition and shows over the years. Thousands of items are listed. Illustrated in color. 2019. Looseleaf. 894 pages.

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  6. DonSellos

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    Yes, I saw a notice of this somewhere and thought, "wow, this is just what I need," until I saw the price ($129), Yikes!!! And it's only through the "L's." That probably means another $129 for M-Z. Maybe it will be made available in digital format at $29.95, but not in my lifetime. I would think that "publish on demand" might cut the price by half and I might go for that.

  7. Molokai

    Molokai Moderator Moderator

    I recently purchased examples of facsimiles of the 1865 Newspaper & Periodical stamps. The N & P facsimiles are a study unto themselves! These are German, lichtdruck - clearly marked! Some of the German examples are stamped 'falsch.'

    Doc Pepper has four books on the N & Ps - The Regulars, The Proofs, The Forgeries, The Facsimiles. Basically, the latter were meant to fulfill collector demand to fill spaces.

    Google tells me lichtdruck means 'light pressure' but <WERNER> told me once (perhaps he will be so kind as to tell me again) a better definition. There are quite a few drawings/engravings for sale on eBay using the word...

    In any case, whoever designed the little STAMPS holder clearly wasn't an N & P collector!:joyful:



    A tell-tale sign of a forgery or facsimile of this Series of 1865 is the very small lettering at the bottom of the stamp; it is not engraved with the precision found on the real-deal. I have a legitimate PR1; I'll see if I can get scans good enough to show the difference. Elsewhere, I posted a forgery in which the 'N' was backwards like the Russian letter for 'e.'
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    Hi Molokai,

    The Wikipedia gives this explanation of "lichtdruck".
    "Photographic printing (also phototype, collotype, Albertotype) is a rarely used fine-printing method.

    In a broader sense, this term refers to all photomechanical (photolithographic) lithographic printing methods for reproducing halftones without a raster, but in the narrower sense only the process developed by Louis-Alphonse Poitevin in 1856 under the name Collotype and improved by Joseph Albert in 1870, with which larger editions are concerned let produce. Karl Klietsch developed in 1879 from the heliogravure."
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  9. Molokai

    Molokai Moderator Moderator

    Makes sense. Danke <HOCH>!
  10. Molokai

    Molokai Moderator Moderator

    Question for the Brain Trust:

    What is the least expensive U.S. stamp I can purchase for an example of pelure paper? I *think* I purchased an N & P with it - quite brittle also slightly transparent. But I'd like a bona fide example for comparison.
  11. Hochstrasse

    Hochstrasse Moderator Moderator

    I don't believe there is an inexpensive U.S. stamp on pelure paper outside of the Newspaper stamp variants and Hawaiian missionary issues. I can't say definitely, but I haven't been able to find any. The 1919 Latvian coat of arms postage stamps seem an inexpensive way of comparing stamps as they are on pelure paper. For people interested in paper varieties here is a link to paper varieties of U.S. stamps. and watermarks_ver1.0.pdf
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  12. Molokai

    Molokai Moderator Moderator

    I was sort of afraid that was the answer... Thank you again <HOCH>.
  13. DonSellos

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    This post is a continuation of our discussion on the Cinderellas forum about the 1964 election and Barry Goldwater's candidacy. You posted the cinderella below there and I saw the cover below on eBay a couple of weeks later. I had to buy it! As I mentioned before, one of my sub-collecting categories is cartoon cachets on covers and this one fits.

    The cachet, which I consider to accurately describe my political enthusiasm for Goldwater in 1964, was done by Franklin W. Spoone of Cartoon Cachets. He did several of these, maybe as many as six, all relating to the 1964 election and utilizing the 1964 Register to Vote stamp, Sc. 1249. All of the ones I have seen depict the Goldwater candidacy favorably. I have only one other, but I may try to acquire all of them. From what I have seen they can be purchased for $5 or less.



  14. Molokai

    Molokai Moderator Moderator

    'Collect 'em all, boys and girls!' I seem to be pointing you to a lot of buys lately. I hope your wife doesn't read me the riot act in Omaha!

    Still, I've pointed you to that Ezra Cole zeppelin cover several times and you have failed to act.
  15. DonSellos

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    Since I have a separate "hobby" account she is totally unconcerned about my philatelic purchases. However, it is very helpful to have someone else to blame when that account is dangerously low and has to be replenished from more visible sources.

    I'll try to remember to bring it to Omaha with me.

  16. Molokai

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    I am still here!

    My son and daughter-in-law were in a near fatal auto accident. Hit by an illegal with no license or insurance going 18mph over the speed limit. They will be OK, but my son will have a long haul…damaged vertebrae, broken leg (left) and broken ankle (right). He’s in a combo back-neck brace until things heal enough for surgery in August. We’re fortunate they are alive as their car exploded shortly after impact. I hope to be back before the holidays but will miss StampShow, unfortunately.

    In positive news, by great luck, serendipity and happenstance I procured a copy of Whitesell’s Newspaper and Periodical Stamps: A Compilation of Articles. 400 yummy pages!

    (Great to see all the new members here on StampExchange!)
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  17. Hochstrasse

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    Nice to hear from you again. The news about family is quite sad but at least it is hopeful. Great acquisition, maybe when you get it fully digested you can inform us on some interesting and little known facts about Newspaper stamps.
  18. anglobob

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    Molokai......sorry to hear the news about your famiy.....hopefully,everything will turn out ok.
  19. DonSellos

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    Glad to hear from you again, but sorry to learn of your son's accident. My hope is that he and his wife will come out of it without permanent physical limitations. The forum's prohibition on political commentary keeps me from expressing my true feelings about the accident, but I will say that I also hope the miscreant who caused it is in custody and will be tried and sentenced appropriately. Also sorry that you will miss the APS show, but understandable.

    Best wishes

  20. FitzjamesHorse

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    Dont underestimate yourself. You have made your true feelings perfectly clear.
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