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    I did not want to continue with the thread "Postal Stationery",because it is going
    to become to voluminous.
    Not collecting postcards actively,I nevertheless have a number of them,mainly
    from Germany.
    I try to show them in chronological order,what is not that easy because of their
    big numbers.My catalogue (Michel 1972) is not up to date,but even so a big
    This is my oldest of my "modern" german postcards.
    Sent on July 23rd,1945 to my grandfather.
    The sender asks wether our family (I was not yet part of it) had fared in the
    final stages of the war.Wether they had news about my father and my uncle,
    who both had been soldiers and hopefully were still alive and well. (Both
    were well,and would return a few months later from prisoners of war camps.)
    They also wrote,that they had few damages due to bomb-raids only.Just the
    roof and 50 sheets of glass.
    Nice to see the seal of the Unna post-office,with the swastika removed.
    The card is one of the more than 300 provisional postcards,what were issued
    in 1945 in the american and british zones.
    This card was issued (and most likely printed) in Hagen-Haspe,
    situated close to Unna.
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