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Discussion in 'United States Stamps' started by Larry L. Taylor, Feb 17, 2013.

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    nice looking stamp Larry

    on my own note and i am no expert on this, but if it was sunlight that caused the colour to fade, then this stamp must have been left in the sunlight nefore it was posted and cancelled, as i am sure the black in used to cancel the stamp would have protected the red colouring underneath where it crosses the writing on the stamp, and from the scan this is not the case.

    it would seem if there are more than 2 or 3 which seems to be the case it could very possibly be an error

    this is just my own opionion of course :p
  3. Larry L. Taylor

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    Don't know the origin or 'history' of the stamp. I pulled it out of a black plastic garbage sack mixed in with another 30 lbs of used stamps on paper where it had resided lo' those many years since it's use.

    On a regular copy of the stamp, there are also little patches of red on the legs (just below where the feathers end and the scales begin); that red is also missing. The missing color is so uniquely uniform in its omission that it seems to be a complete loss of inking during the printing process. Sun fading? Dunno; I've got 100 or so copies of the regular used stamp. I guess I could put some of them out in the sunlight for a couple of years and see if the red fades away. If there were true sun fading, there'd have to be some loss of vibrancy in the green background. I don't see that in the side by side comparison of the two stamps. Bleaching? Too hard to control without damaging the stamp and leaving evidence on the surrounding color(s). Laser ablation of the red coloration? Too much tedium to develop then apply; probably tough to remove from underneath the black ink cancellation without disturbing the cancellation or risking 'burning' the underlying paper.

    I guess unless Scott and its 'expertizers' declare it a major error and place some kind of a 'lottery prize' valuation on it, I'll keep it. OK, so maybe it's just an EFO (error, freak, oddity) but it's all mine, and unique enough to add to my collection as just that.
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