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  1. MikeTheTech

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    While not all of my stamps are identified or indexed, I figured I would at least start up a topic for displaying my US stamps, as I have seen others do in this forum. So first, up, I'll put my first complete block.

    1965 Salvation Army Block 5c (Used) # 1267

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  2. MikeTheTech

    MikeTheTech Member

    Baseball Stamps

    Babe Ruth (1983 20c George "Babe Ruth" Herman - Catalog # 2046),
    Jackie Robinson (1982 20c Jackie Robinson - Catalog # 2016),
    and an Olympic stamp I haven't yet identified (any help with that one would be appreciated.)

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  3. Sam B

    Sam B Active Member

    The Olympic stamp is #2619 (1992). Go on Mystic Stamps website and order a free US catalog. I've never bought anything out of it before because of the prices, but its great for identifying stamps.
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  4. MikeTheTech

    MikeTheTech Member

    Thanks Sam!

    Also: That's horrible. I searched the Mystic catalog a bunch and couldn't find it, but only because I typed in "Olympics" instead of "Olympic". lol. Thanks again for helping identify it. :)
  5. Jay

    Jay Well-Known Member

    On that Salvation Army plate block. I like it! I believe that slip of paper with the numbers on it is most likely the dealers stock/inventory numbers and can be pitched out. Nice margin block!
  6. MikeTheTech

    MikeTheTech Member

    Thanks Jay! I thought they looked pretty neat. :)

    As for the slip of paper, you're right. The top number is the Mystic catalog number, and the bottom is the auction ID from the site I purchased them from.
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