Micronations and Imaginary Country Stamps

Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by Molokai, Apr 11, 2018.

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    I first heard of micronations in the 1970s when I was a full-tilt Libertarian and someone claimed a big rock in the ocean as a sovereign country.

    Here is the definition from Wiki:

    'A micronation, sometimes referred to as a model country or new country project, is an entity that claims to be an independent nation or state but is not recognized by world governments or major international organizations.'

    Typically a micronation makes a claim on some piece of land. There are also Imaginary Countries which exist only on paper and in someone's mind. Both are know to produce various country items such as titles, passports, coinage and stamps. Also, fictional countries from literature.

    It would seem an Imaginary Country might be safer since they are more difficult to bomb or pillage.:happy:

    Here are some stamps for Sealand, perhaps the best known of the micronations. Also, their website in case you just can't take anymore of Donald Trump and feel you need to get away!



    Please feel free to post stamps and things philatelic from micronations or imaginary countries!
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    Another collecting area to explore! I don't remember having any stamps that would be considered from a micronation. Maybe something from one of the Caribbean islands?

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    I think they qualify as 'micronations' only if someone not a sovereign government claims ownership. Usually a large rock or some small part of a legitimate country. Imaginary countries are strictly on paper. Perhaps I will start a country, Philatelica - you only need to be a stamp collector to obtain citizenship...and $100 for your citizenship certificate. For $1000 more I can make you a Duke or a Duchess. 'Duke of Sellos' sound pretty good!

    Here is a picture of Sealand. Take out the chaise lounge, bask in the sun then a dip in the ocean to cool off!


    Home Sweet Home
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    Liberland. Tucked between the borders of Croatia and Serbia. Sound like a nice place to settle down!

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    The strawberry map of G.B. (see the Wikipedia article) should be recognized with a commemorative stamp! What an undertaking!

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    Seem like a lot of work to establish these entities and produce those coins, stamps, etc. Must be some money in it. Are there any countries within the U.S.?

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    The Republic of Molossia!


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