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  1. Shabbir Khambaty

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    Hello everyone,

    • I was going through my grandfather's collection when I stumbled upon a couple of FDCs of which one particularly caught my fancy.

      The FDC is a postally used 1st FDC of Malaysia with Singapore stamps mailed out on 16th September 1963 (the very first day of the Formation of Malaysia with Singapore & Malaya merging).

      Upon researching I found that Singapore as a separate entity ceased to exist from 16th September 1963 (the very same day this FDC was mailed out with Singapore stamps).

      Can someone please tell me whether this was a common practice back then or would this be considered as something Scarce or Rare? I did try searching the Net for similar covers but was unsuccessful in finding Singapore stamps on Malaysian FDCs

      Also, what would be the approximate worth of this FDC? Any feedback would be helpful.

      Thanks & Regards,


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  2. Werner Salentin

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    welcom to the Stamp Exchange !
    Your letter is not a FDC in philatelic terms.
    A FDC is a letter,franked with stamps issued that very day.At least by
    definition.Often FDC-cancellations were applied for a longer periode,
    than for just one day.
    When the "Federation of Malaysia" was established on Sept.16th,1963,
    the stamps of Singapore remained valid for postage.
    Some of them remained valid much longer,than the federation existed.
    So,in philatec terms your letter is of no significance.
    But it has,of course,a historical meaning.
    I can´t say anything about it´s value.But I guess it is not much.
    As it was produced (printed) to the occasion,it is fair to assume,that
    many more were produced and may still be around.
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  3. Shabbir Khambaty

    Shabbir Khambaty New Member

    Thank you so much for your response. Has surely given me a lot of insight regarding this Cover


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