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    I began collecting stamps at age 5 with a 5c scribbler and used stamps ... over the years my interests were - Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Hong Kong and China. In recent years, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

    I write to several blogs and host groups on facebook.

    My trading ebbs and flows with the seasons, and tasks at hand.

    I hope to meet collectors here with same interests... cheers !
  2. SATX Collector

    SATX Collector Remember the Alamo!

    Welcome to the forums... hope to hear a lot about your collections.
  3. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    Looking forward to see some of your collection and posts around. Again, welcome to the forum. :)
  4. Machins are always interesting. Started on GB but soon switched to the Hong Kong
    series of Machins having lots of fun with them.
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    The Deegam Handbook has good coverage of these as well ... see
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    Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to your input. :)
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    see attached ... the MBPC is worth joining.
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