Lindbergh flown and other interesting Flight Covers

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  1. jim72051

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    I'm working my way through 1929 and I came across these 5 Lindbergh flown covers. As flight covers they are only worth about $10 each but as a 25 cent 568 on cover it is cataloged at twice that. It is a whole different problem setting values based on the event verses the stamps. I do like to add a variety of stamps to my flight collection. The C11 Beacon gets boring when the alternatives can be the 5 cent Kansas or Nebraska or the 5 cent Erickson Memorial.

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  2. derailed

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    Nice covers! Well, they are interesting and also look very classy. Good luck with them! You deserve to enjoy them.
  3. zararina

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    Really interesting, keep sharing those here. :)
  4. Gunny

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    This is sort of related. A cover from a ship that was conducting a search for Amelia Earhart. Found it at an antique mall.

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    I enjoyed your slide show. The stamps you have chosen have excellent "eye appeal". The cover is great also.
  6. DonSellos

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    Now that's an interesting cover! Not just a ship, but a battleship to boot. I can't remember for sure, but I don't think USS Colorado was at Pearl Harbor on December 7th.

    A very nice period piece!

  7. jim72051

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    Name:USS Colorado
    Namesake:State of Colorado
    Ordered:29 August 1916
    Builder:New York Shipbuilding Corporation
    Laid down:29 May 1919
    Launched:22 March 1921
    Sponsored by:Mrs. Max Melville
    Commissioned:30 August 1923
    Decommissioned:7 January 1947
    Struck:1 March 1959
    Nickname:Buckin Bronco
    Honors and
    awards:10 Battle Stars
    Fate:Sold for scrap, 23 July 1959
  8. Gunny

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    Thanks for the information. I have several other U.S. Navy ship related covers as well, sent to the same person. I need to start Googling the information on my old covers to see what I can learn about the people receiving and sending these envelopes. I've got a ton of old postcards as well.
  9. zararina

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    I like everything about this cover. Thanks for sharing.
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