Lets see stamps with modern era Naval Ships

Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by Makanudo, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Werner Salentin

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    Molokai,I do not know,what you are refering to.
    Far from having any deep knowledge,I just had a look at the
    listing of the german battleships.
    The last one,put into service in World War I,was the Hindenburg in 1917.
    All later built or projected ships were never completed.
    In September (!) 1918,the emperor signed an order to build a very big
    battleship of 48.000 tons.The project was named L 20 e.But it did not
    even see the end of the pojecting,bevor the war ended (very unexpected) in November.
    After the war the german fleet was put into internment in Scapa Flow,
    When it became clear that Germany would have to sign the Versailles
    Peace Treaty,what ordered the hand-over of all ships to the enemies,
    the commanding officer ordered and performed on June 21st,1919 the sinking of the fleet.
    When you google "Scapa Flow",you may find the (very long) listing
    of the sinked ships.The "Friederich der Große" was one of them.
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  2. Molokai

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    Danke. Tirpitz is what I had in mind - tho I scrambled the story a little.:oops:
  3. Werner Salentin

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    As far as I know the Tirpitz and the Bismarck were excellent ships.
    But lacking the necessary air-defence,they were not of much use.
    The US Iowa-class and the japanese Yamato-class were rather similar.
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