Let's See Some Sailing Ships/Boats

Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by Gunny, Mar 22, 2015.

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    Both stamps look good Makanudo. :)
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    Hello all, a few more sailing ships and boats from my old collection.
    These from old penfriends.

    Date of issue: 1955-09-04.

    4 = Chinese Junk.
    5 = Lombok Sloop.
    10 = Wood Transporter.
    20 = Cocos Islands Schooner.

    Regards, James.
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    Hello all,
    Found another ship, this is a Fujian Junk.

    Date of issue: 1980-04-26


    Regards, James.
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    Another one from Kuwait:
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    Hello all, some sailing ships from Danzig - (now Gdańsk, Poland). The Free City of Danzig was a semi-autonomous city-state that existed between 1920 and 1939.

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    These are some fine stamps....
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    The seize of porto bello 1739
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    Hello all, a few more sailing ships from the USSR Cadet sailing fleet.

    Date of issue 1981-09-18 - Three masted Barquentine "Vega"
    Four masted Barque "Comrade"

    Regards, James.
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    Hello all, this Australian stamp depicting HM Brig "Supply"

    HMS Supply was a small ship, an armed tender which sailed with the First Fleet. She was intended to be a support ship for HMS Sirius (1786). The First Fleet carried the convicts and soldiers to Australia to start a penal colony. The ships left England in May 1787 and arrived in Australia in January 1788. This was the start of European settlement of Australia. HM Brig Supply was commanded by Lieutenant Henry Lidgbird Ball.

    Date of issue: 1983-01-26

    Regards, James.
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    Hello all, my ship for today is the Andria Doria a 14 gun American Brig.

    Date of issue: 1961-11-16 (185th anniversary)

    The Andrea Doria entered the St. Eustatius harbour on November 16. 1776, with the American flag dipped as a sign of respect to Fort Oranje located on the island. Then Captain Isaiah Robinson ordered the bow gun to be fired as a ritual salute. The commander of Fort Oranje was aware of the Andrea Doria entering the harbour and welcomed them with an eleven gun salute. This was an historical event being it was the first any foreign country had acknowledged America to be a sovereign nation.

    Captain Isaiah Robinson was under orders to pick up military supplies and deliver a copy of the Declaration of Independence to Governor Johannes de Graaff the commander of the fort. (Fort Orange). Graaff was the Dutch Governor of Saint Eustatius, Saba, and Saint Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles during the American Revolutionary War.

    The Andrea Doria completed their business in St. Eustatius they set sail for the United States. They had loaded the arms an ammunitions made in Holland and brought to the island to avoid the British from confiscating them.

    (Information from several sources)

    Regards, James.

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    Hi, all! Coming soon: new issue of Latvia, 28.10.2016
    Built as a wooden barkentine rigged four masted sailing vessel at Heinaste (now Ainazi), Latvia for a family of 12 till 13 persons.
    Launched as ANDREAS WEIDE, named after Captain Andreas Weide (1832-1889).
    Tonnage 583.4 gross, 478.4 net, dim. 47.6 x 9 x 4.9m.
    1891 Completed. Home port Riga.
    Was at that time the largest merchant vessel under the flag of Latvia.
    Used in the trade between Latvia and Argentina, Brazil Mexico, South and West Africa and European ports.
    During a voyage in 1901 during bad weather she started to leak and had to make a call at Dakar for repairs.
    1902 At that port was she sold during an auction to cover the cost of the repair bill.
    She was sold for 23.000 Francs to Italy.

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    Hello all, my offering for today are some Sailing ships of the Pacific. These from the Cook Islands.

    Datew of issue: 2013-05-24

    Regards, James.
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    Hello all, these are from the GB island of Alderney, all the ships depicted were called HMS Alderney

    Date of issue: 1990-05-03
    14p - Bomb Ketch - 1738
    20p - Sixth Rate - 1742
    29p - Sloop - 1755
    34p - "A" Class Submarine - 1945
    37p - Fishery Protection Vessel - 1979

    Regards, James.
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    My sailing experience is limited, but the third stamp on the right (Sloop) prompts a question, I thought sloops had only one mast and a jib sail. The image in question looks more like a brig, (two masts, squared rigged) or maybe a schooner (two masts, with forward mast shorter than main mast). Do you or others have any comment on why the ship in question would be labeled a sloop?

    Obviously, the Alderney postal authority considered it a sloop. I suppose that should be reason enough to so label it. :)

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    Hello Don!

    I actually have no knowledge about sailing ships. My knowledge is limited to small boats. I love ships and I love stamps with ships on them though...
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