Let's see some Presidents !!!!

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    issued Nov.12th,1983,commemorating President Reagan´s visit of
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    issued Oct.29th,1984
    President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom,born 1937, (right,Pres.Chun left) ruled the Maldive Islands for thirty years,1978-2008.His rule was autocratic,if not
    dictatorial.However under his rule the Maldives developed well,so he is still
    liked by many people.
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    issued Feb.24th,1988
    Former general Roh-Tae-Woo (born 1932) was the handpicked candidate for succession of president-dictator Chun.
    However Roh insisted on a democratic election.
    As both Kims also run,Roh could win with less than 40% of the vote.
    In his presidency(1988-1993)he worked to establish a democraticly ruled
    A few years later he was put on trial for high treason,due to his role in the
    coup d`etat,what brought Chun Doo Hwan into power.He got a lengthy
    jail term - Chun got the death-penalty -,but both former presidents were
    pardoned very soonly.
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    issued Feb.25th,1993
    Kim Young-sam,president from 1993-1998 was a leading member of the opposition against the military rulers of South Korea in the 1970s and 1980s.
    In the run-up to the 1993 election he merged his party with that of Ro Tae-woo,
    president from 1988-1993.So he could secure a majority.
    He ended the rule of the military and put the former presidents Chun and Rho
    on trial for high treason for their part in the 1979 coup de etat.

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    Kim Dae jung 1924-2009.president of South-Korea 1998-2003
    Kim studied in a commercial college and started woking in a shipping company
    in 1943.After independence from Japan in 1945,he became the head of that
    company till 1955.
    In 1954 he entered politics.He was a candidate in the presidential elections of
    1955,but lost against Syngman Rhee.He headed the opposition against
    Park Chung-Hee,but lost again in the 1971 presidential elections.
    1972 he went into exile to Japan,but was kidnapped by the Korean Secret Service in 1973 and was brought back to Korea.He remained in prison or
    house arrest till 1979.After the Kwangju Massaker he was put on trial for
    high treason and was sentenced to death.Under international pressure president
    Chun Doo Hwan commuted his sentence to 20 years imprisonment in 1980.
    However in 1982 he was allowed to leave for the US.He returned to Korea in
    1985.In 1987 and 1992 he lost twice,but did win the presidential elections
    of 1987.During his presidency 1988-1993,he was the first president of
    South Korea,who visited North Korea,where he met Kim jong-il.That won him
    the Peace Nobel Prize of 2000.
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    Issued Feb.21st,1975,commemorating the first anniversary of Laos peace accord.(from a set of 3)
    From left to right: prime minister Prince Souvanna Phouma (neutralist),
    King Savang Vatthana and Prince Souphanouvong (1909-1995) nominal leader
    of the communist Pathet Lao and president of the Lao Republic from 1975-1991.

    Souphanouvong,called "The Red Prince" became president,when the communist Pathet Lao took power in 1975 and the monarchy was abolished.
    He remained president till 1991,but because of health reasons stepped aside
    in 1986 and Phoumi Voungvichit became acting president.
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    Missed US President day but never too late


    2019 May 1 - discussing new Trump deal and how spying on Biden is doing
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    I nearly forgot,that there is one more stamp,showing president Prince Souphanouvong:
    issued Dec.2nd,1982; from a set of 7,"Peoples Republic 7th anniversary";
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    Muhammed Ayub Khan 1907-1974 was the youngest general Pakistan ever had.
    He became chief of the armed forces in 1951.In 1954 he became minister for
    defence.In a coup d´etat 1958 he became president of Pakistan.
    During his rule he strengthened the ties to China,as an ally against India.
    When the prime minister of India J.Nehru died in 1964,Ayub Khan saw a
    chance to conquer Kashmir.He started the second Indo-Pakistan War in 1965.
    Militarily it went not to bad,but there was no real gain.The Soviet Union brokered a peace deal in Tashkent,what led to the status quo ante.
    The economy of Pakistan however,was damaged badly by that war.
    Ayub Khan met troubles on many more fields: in East-Pakistan,with Z.A.Bhutto
    (his former foreign minister) and with a worsening health.
    In 1969 he resigned and gave the presidency to general Yahya Khan.
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