Korea's First Stamp "Munwi" Stamp

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    Korea first started issuing stamps from the 1880s.

    On Oct 1st 1884, Korea’s first stamp “Munwi Stamp” was issued.

    It was named after the unit of the then currency “Mun”.

    The size of the stamp was 23×26mm.

    Hong Yong Sik (1855-1884), one of the prominent members of the Enlightenment Group prepared for opening mail service while he was the country’s postmaster.

    Originally, five kinds of stamps that each cost 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 Mun were to be issued.

    Two kinds that cost 5 and 10 Mun first came into use in mail service between Seoul and Inchon until that December.

    However, due to the failure of the Reformist Revolution in 1884, the first bourgeois revolution in Korea history, mail service was closed and the rest three kinds of stamps issued at the beginning of 1885 couldn’t come into use.
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  2. DonSellos

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    Nicely designed stamps, good color. Are the stamps you show reprints? They appear remarkably fresh in color and general condition for stamps issued in 1884.

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  3. Werner Salentin

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    I share your love for the stamps of Korea,or in my case South-Korea till the
    year 2000.
    Have very few of the pre-1905 stamps only.I always shied away from
    these,because forgeries are abundant and my knowledge to detect them
    is not sufficient.
    Your scans are of a very poor quality.The stamps look very much distorted.
    What is the reason for that ?

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  4. philaKS

    philaKS New Member

    Yes, they really are. The thing is, they are original ones, issued in 1884. To be honest, I am kind of proud of them!;)
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    Glad you liked my stamps! As you can see in my introduction, I collect stamps of DPR Korea. When these stamps were issued, Korea was one but now separated and they each issue different stamps. What a pity! Anyway, these stamps are original ones which I am proud of, though I added some watermarks. Could you kindly give me some advices to better scan my collections?
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    As you should be! They are very nice looking stamps.

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