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Discussion in 'Trades' started by pistol, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. pistol

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    21087.jpg We are all addicted to collecting stamps, that is why we are here in this forum, to share impressions and ask for help regarding stamps. I wonder how far some of us will go for trading a stamp. If you would need just one more stamp to end your collection, what are you willing to offer for that stamp? A lot of money, different favors, your car, your house, etc. What would you do, if you can get that last rare stamp?
    I needed a rare stamp for my collection, it was not the last, but I traded my bicycle for that stamp when I did this I was having 16 years old.
    I don't think I would do this now!
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  2. Philactica

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    LOL I traded my 3 Inch 100cm Refractor Telescope for an agreed amount value wise of stamps.
    At the time I was moving and the telescope ( in a wooden box) was just to cumbersome to store so made some space.
    The telescope was fantastic with an equatorial mount but you need the space to set it up.
    Stamps take less space LOL.
  3. pistol

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    I guess your telescope had a significative value. I can see you don't miss it too much so, I guess you made a good deal in the end.
    Thank you for your answer!
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