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    Stamps were issued in 1942 in honor of the Italian Armed Forces.

    The contemporary 25 C., 30 C., and 50 C. definitive postage stamp denominations were re-issued, with each stamp having an adjourning patriotic propaganda label printed to its right. There were four patriotic propaganda labels, which were repeated for each of the denominations.

    The four labels are as follows:

    Victory for the Axis.
    Everything and Everyone for Victory.
    Arms and Hearts Must Be Stretched Out Towards the Goal.
    Disclipine is the Weapon of Victory.

    ( [​IMG]
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    Your post encouraged me to do a little research and I learned something new; grazie. Stamps are a wonderful gateway to history.

    Speaking of Italia. I've done a little exploring on Italy in Albania. They've had their eyes on Albania for a long time...
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    I have some stamps from Albanian Kingdom (puppet state of Kingdom of Italy 39’-43’).
    I will post pictures of them in the next few days.
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