Is there a moral stance here?

Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by Jim Shaver, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Jim Shaver

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    Hi all,
    A specialist dealer that I pepper with questions on occasion called me on my actions "How can I help you???" meaning in the context, how can I be YOUR dealer, sell you your stamps etc and not lose business to Ebay etc....I had mentioned a set bought there (a $195 set for a $42 bid...)
    I got to thinking how hard would it be to create a specialized collection, you know flaws, errors and varieties, if this and other long time specialist dealers went out of business because of johnny come latelies?
    How does one balance trying to keep a Social Security budget and loyalty to the guy who has put his life into his business? I'm really in a quandary here. What are your thoughts?
  2. Gunny

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    If this dealer that you speak of doesn't also sell on eBay, then he'll be extinct soon because he won't be competitive. You're on a budget and if you can get a bigger bang for your buck on eBay, then go for it. You need to be loyal to you and your budget first.
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  3. SATX Collector

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    Agree with that wholeheartedly, and will add that you can "comparison shop" as well. If he doesn't sell on eBay, he has to know that a lot of folks do. So the question becomes "Who is going to do the homework?"

    To protect yourself, you should research some auctions and sites for the item of interest (your 'want list' items) then go to this dealer and see if he will match or agree to negotiate close to the price point that you find elsewhere. If you chose to work with this dealer and become confident with his integrity, then convince him that you are going to research before buying and eventually (hopefully) he will have already done so before presenting you with a price.

    Loyalty is definitely a worthwhile endeavor ONLY IF it can be fairly achieved. There are a lot of younger folks that collect but also a large number that inherit collections and have no interest in collecting or simply need the cash for something else. And there are a lot of older collectors out there that are liquidating their holdings for the same reason: no one to pass them down to. So basement bargains are all over the net if you search for them long enough...

    Beware of 'impulse buying' also... research the item closely to make sure you are happy with it. Because there is a lot of material for sale, you can find better centered items for just pennies more than average grade. It is definitely a 'buyers market' right now IMO.
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  4. Philbeaux

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    Jim, you do what you have to do and he'll do what he has to do. The Free Market is a 2-way street.
    If he really wants to compete, he'll upgrade. Not necessarily with Ebay but with someone. I've done some sideline work a guy who did about 99% of his income from on-line sales (nothing to do with stamps) and after dealing with Ebay and Amazon I really feel they are doing just as much harm to their seller-base as any competition.
  5. Hochstrasse

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    I'll also have to agree with everyone else about the nature of the evolving stamp business. Store front stamp stores are replaced with an online presence. Just as stamp stores had to compete with each other in the bygone age, the same competition now exists online. Collectors will remain loyal to dealers who are both competitive and provide stock and services they require. I'm not too worried about specialty items going by the wayside if or when specialty dealers pack it up. It may just add to the thrill of the chase.
  6. Jim Shaver

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    It may just add to the thrill of the chase.
    That's about it in a nutshell...

    Well said all, thanks for helping me think this one out :joyful:
  7. zararina

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    Agree that searching online for competitive prices and finding the best deal is a great option. You will have a choice with lots of sellers and/or buyers. Good luck. :)
  8. AtanasVelikov

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    I think that searching online for dealers and buyers. I'm new to this and to be honest like that fact that there is so many dealers and buyers and sellers over the internet who can give me opinions and options.
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