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    I'm new to this forum, but not new to collecting. I've been collecting (off and on) for about 50 years. My grandmother got me into collecting at a young age, I was very fascinated by the small bits of paper that could tell such amazing stories. Life and military service happened, causing me to put the stamp collecting hobby on the shelf so to speak. But now I am at a pace that is much more in tune with being able to truly enjoy my hobby again. My early collecting was pretty much anything I could get my hands on; worldwide to current US definitives (grandma had all of her friends save stamps for me...have thousands of mid-60s to mid-70s stamps that I keep just for the memories). I have decided to work on my pre-WWII US and am pretty focused on that at the moment. I opened a store on Hipstamp at the beginning of the year to sell off my extras, that has been a labor of love for sure. I have been reading through posts here and it looks like a great group of collectors that have a lot of knowledge. I have enjoyed the photos and looking at what others collect.
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    Welcome Bugbuster, hope to see some of your collection soon.
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