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Discussion in 'World Stamps' started by Werner Salentin, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Werner Salentin

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    Back in Germany I am trying to decide,wether I shall take in new issues,
    I had missed from most countries since the year 2000.I made up my
    mind to look out for Mauritius and Germany.
    From Germany I got no new issues since 2005,and missed roughly 1000 newly issued stamps up till 2020.
    For a start I bought a part-collection 2007-2013.
    Although I am usually sceptical on modern stamps,I found some really remarkable stamps,what I want to share:
    Bund 2766.jpg
    issued on Nov.12th,2009,the stamp commemorates the late journalist
    Marion Gräfin Dönhoff.She was co-editor of "Die Zeit",a highly regarded
    weekly newspaper.Apart from her picture the main part of the stamp
    shows the obituary written by Helmut Schmidt,former chancellor and
    co-editor of "Die Zeit" as well.
    The overall size of the stamp is 46,5 by 28 mm.The print is so clear,that one can read - provided you use a good magnifier - the text of obituary without problems.
    A really great example for high-quality printing.
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  2. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    D 2783.jpg
    Issued Feb.11th,2010,the stamp commemorates the centenary of
    introduction of the game "Mensch ärgere Dich nicht" (("Man,don´t
    get angry") (difficult to translate well)) in Germany.
    It is a simplified form of the game "ludo" from England.
    The origin of the game lies in ancient India.
    Since 1914,when the game went into mass-production,the rules
    remained unchanged.It became popular in WW I,when it was
    donated in large numbers to field-hospitals for recovering soldiers.
    After the war in 1920 more than one million games were sold.
    Till today it is the most popular family-game in Germany with the
    total sale exceeding 90 millions.
    The stamp shows nicely how the game is promoting family-harmony.
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  3. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    MS D 2598.jpg
    Issued April 12th,2007,the stamp commemorates the 500th anniversary
    of Martin Waldseemüller´s map of the world.
    Europe,Africa and much of Asia are quite accurately drawn.
    However the land or isles on the left three parts would need to be
    done better in later years.
    Waldseemüller named them,honouring Amerigo Vespucci,America.
    The maps have changed a lot since then,but the name America prevailed.
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  4. BettyBoop

    BettyBoop Active Member

    Love the map stamp Werner, another hobby of mine, old maps..
  5. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    issued July 1st,2019,commemorating the 50th anniversary of the
    Apollo XI mission.
    Inscriptions on stamp and sheet,what appear black on the scan,are
    golden !
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