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    I inherited a stamp collection from my great grandmother who was born in 1903. It belonged to her brother who was in the navy in the 30's-40's. This album is filled with stamps from every country you can think of. I noticed this stamp on ebay. It says it is a scott's #539 issued 1919. What is that. Also, should I get these stamps graded, it was listed for over 4k. Thanks!!

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    The best way to gauge the value of a stamp collection is to attend a stamp show in your area. Dealers are willing to look over the collection and give a "wholesale" value to it. A wholesale value is at least 10-15% under the retail value.

    As far as grading stamps goes.... I wouldn't do it except for expensive individual stamps where there was a question about Scott number (the number the Scott catalog gives to each and every stamp they catalog) or the condition (regums, repairs or reperfings).
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    This stamp business is so confusing. I feel the same. In one directory it says it's worth so much but then when the details come up I haven't a clue what I'm looking for. Is there a dictionary for these terms somewhere?

    Maybe someone could start a thread that explains it a little better.
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