I'm new!

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  1. Howard Gustav

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    I'm new!

    My parents used to collect stamps. Mostly stamps were collected: Cuba, USSR, Bulgaria, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. There were also a few others. They abandoned their passion. Recently, I started collecting. I continue the work of parents!
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    Welcome <GUSTAV>! That's wonderful what you are doing. I still have some of my USSR stamps but do not collect them at this time. We have some very knowledgeable and friendly collectors here. We'd love to see some of your collection as it unfolds.
  3. Hi Howard

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  5. Howard Gustav

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    I will try to publish in the very near future.
  6. Howard Gustav

    Howard Gustav New Member

    Hello, Richard!
  7. Howard Gustav

    Howard Gustav New Member

    Thanks, DonSellos
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