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  1. Rich

    Rich New Member

    I've been away from stamp collecting for too many years. Here are some questions:
    Are cancelled stamps from the 1930's-1950's more valuable than ones not cancelled?
    Does the answer for the above apply to Plate Block Specials. Is it still the lowest number the most desirable?
    Is Scott's grading and numerical system the standard for stamps?
  2. Don

    Don New Member

    1. It depends upon where they came from and how many were printed, the answer is sometimes.
    2. Not always it depends how many stamps were printed from each plate.
    3. In America it is but in England the standard is Gibbons, in Germany Michel.
  3. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    1. I also think it depends on the kind of stamp, the condition of the stamp and some other factors. It could depends on the collectors too as some are willing to spend just to acquire a stamp to complete their set. And as I had been reading about stamps, the older it gets, the higher its value.
    I had also read before that US stamps issued after 1930's if unused and in great condition with a face value below 50cents is most likely worth its face value. And f it is used or cancelled, it is most likely worth less than its face value. But that is not true for all stamps.
  4. ratio411

    ratio411 Active Member

    MOST United States stamps after about 1930 are minimal value when unused.
    There are a few exceptions of course, but most are in the face value range, and sometimes less.
    To bring all that they can bring valuewise, they will have to be perfect in every way.

    Anything less than perfect is good for postage when sending items between stamp collectors.
    I know of some dealers that sell the 1930-up stuff in bulk for a significant discount off face value to be used at postage. So if you can buy them from a dealer for less than face, you know the dealer didn't give much at all.

    1930-up USED stamps are often sold by the pound.

    Before 1930 there are many really common stamps as well, but generally the value goes up on a larger and larger percentage of issues as you go back in time further.
  5. Elza

    Elza New Member

    Where is the best place to find the value of stamps. I have been given quite a number of old USA stamps. I want to sort them into albums for my children and (future) grandchildren. But I would like to know their value. I am sure that most of them are not that valuable because they were given to me by stamp collectors and I am sure they didn't give me stamps of any value.
  6. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    One good way to get a ball park figure is to check out what they sell for on places like Ebay/Delcampe/ebid etc
  7. Don

    Don New Member

    That would be each country's stamp catalogue by the compiler of your choice.
  8. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    What you need to realize is that a catalouge is simply a price guide, by the time it reaches the bookstores/libaries etc it is already out of date. Your best bet for up to date prices as to what a item is fetching in todays market is a auction site of one type or another. Prices will also fluctuate between countries normally with the item that relates best to that market doing the best.
  9. Rich

    Rich New Member

    Thanks all for your responses
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