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    Hello RedVelvetCupcake2009, because stampexchange avatar is a square, you first need a suitable square background (colour of your choice).
    run a second copy of paint and choose a stamp shape that you want to use that has a contrasting border colour to your base background, clear (erase) the design from your stamp, (you may wish to keep your country name).
    Adjust the stamp border size to suit your design then copy and paste onto background (first paint programme)
    Next copy and paste your photo' onto your stamp border
    adjusting the position & size if required.
    Next add text if required in a contrasting colour. At this point SAVE YOUR IMAGE. Avatar master.

    If in paint you go to "view" and switch the rulers on
    you can resize your avatar to about 200 pixels square.

    I think that is the size that you need for your avatar.
    If I'm correct save your new avatar 2.
    If not, open Avatar master and adjust the image size to suit.

    Have fun,
    Regards, James.

    If all else fails send me an image, text, and colour info and I'll do it for you.
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    That's a comprehensive guide on soaking stamps. I never thought that there's so many details to take note on.
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