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  1. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Administrator Moderator

    Howdy! I invite everyone with a stamp collecting website to place a link here to the Stamp Exchange. You can link anyhow you want, what fits your own website best, but here are several suggestions.

    1. You can link to our home page, with the text being the name of the site:

    Stamp Exchange

    <a href="">Stamp Exchange</a>

    2. You can link directly to the forum:

    Stamp Forum

    <a href="">Stamp Forum</a>

    3. You can link to the directory:

    Stamp Dealer Directory

    <a href="">Stamp Dealer Directory</a>

    4. You can use a banner:


    <imgsrc="" alt="Stamp Exchange">
    * note: you may have to download that image to your own host to make it work on your website.

    You're welcome to come up with alternatives, link directly to articles, threads, etc.
    Thanks for linking!
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  2. amar0

    amar0 New Member

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  3. john rey

    john rey New Member

    Hi Sir Peter Davis
    Im glad to see the link for best site to check what are the specific and original stamp that i was identify. thanks and more power.

    JR Reyes:happy::happy::happy:
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