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    Some of you may not know about this feature. It's new. If you find someone to be obnoxious, or objectionable for some reason, you might want to consider using this feature. Of course, if the person is spamming, or using profanities, or otherwise doing something harmful to the community at large, please use the report a post function first. When you report a post, all of the moderators, including myself, will be able to have a look and we'll be able to make a decision on whether to take action or not.

    But, if the person you find objectionable is not doing something which warrants action by the moderators, there is another alternative open to you. That's the Ignore feature. How do you find it? Well, in the menu bar, where you see your username, there's a drop down menu. One of the options there is "People You Ignore" - just click there. Or, here's a direct link.

    When you get there, it's quite simple. Just type in the name of the member you want to ignore. That's it. Next time you find another member getting on your nerves, give it a try instead of replying to them.
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    well let us hope we have all nice members and we never have to use this option :)
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    Thanks for the info :)
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