Horse carriages on stamps

Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by Makanudo, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. Makanudo

    Makanudo Moderator Moderator

    On the subject of DPRK, here is a booklet I bought recently along with some stamps. It seems to be from the 70s:
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  2. Makanudo

    Makanudo Moderator Moderator

  3. SATX Collector

    SATX Collector Remember the Alamo!

  4. James-2489

    James-2489 Well-Known Member

    Hello all, a stamp from Thailands Fine Arts series - Hem Vejakorn's paintings. I have a MNH full year set for 2004.

    Date of issue: 2004-01-17


    Regards, James.
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  5. James-2489

    James-2489 Well-Known Member

    Hello all, last wednesday I visited the Museum of London, to see the special exhibition for the anniversary of the Great Fire of London.
    While there I also visited the rest of the exhibits, one of which is the 'Gold State Coach' that was built (completed) in 1762 and has been used for every Coronation since that of King George IV.

    This magnificent coach is gilded all over. It is 24 feet long, 8 feet 3 inches wide, and 12 feet high; the pole is 12 feet 4 inches long and the total weight is 4 tons. The harness, originally made by Ringstead, is of rich red morocco leather. The State Coach is adorned on the sides, front and back with panels painted by Giovanni Battista Cipriani, a Florentine historical painter and engraver who came to London in 1755.

    This stamp issued for the 50th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

    Date of issue: 2003-06-02

    Regards, James.
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  6. James-2489

    James-2489 Well-Known Member

    Hello all. still sorting and scanning my Russian stamps for catalogueing.

    Date of issue: 1984-12-12

    Regards, James

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  7. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Austria,1959,Michel no.1072
    A horse carriage of the Roman Empire.
    Relief on the basilica of Maria Saal,Korinthia.
    Österreich 1072 gr..jpg
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  8. DonSellos

    DonSellos Moderator Moderator

    Austria has printed some very attractive stamps.

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  9. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    You are right Don,Austria was one of my favourite
    countries,before they changed to more "popular"
    stamps issues.
    Here one of my best-liked stamps.Also one of the
    few "goodies" (stamps exceeding $ 100.- cat.val.)
    I own:
    Österreich 555A.jpg
    Michel 555A (ordinary paper),Scott B110,
    issued June,23rd,1933.
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  10. Makanudo

    Makanudo Moderator Moderator

  11. James-2489

    James-2489 Well-Known Member

    Hello all, this FDC set celebrating GB postal services.
    Date of issue:1984-07-31 -

    Regards, James.
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  12. James-2489

    James-2489 Well-Known Member

    Hello all, this rather crude horse & sleigh from Azerbyjan
    Quite thin slightly yellow paper.

    Regards, James.
  13. Makanudo

    Makanudo Moderator Moderator

    French stamp depicting Ramses

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  14. Makanudo

    Makanudo Moderator Moderator

  15. Makanudo

    Makanudo Moderator Moderator

    I am not sure if this is a stamp or a cut out of postcard, although the paper is too thin. It doesnt have gum and the paper is greasy.

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  16. James-2489

    James-2489 Well-Known Member

    Hello all, a semi-postal from Germany
    Date of issue 1985-08-13
    View attachment 3049

    Regards, James
    Hello Makanudo, It could be from a letter-sheet, I've not seen one of these.

    Regards, James.
  17. Makanudo

    Makanudo Moderator Moderator

    It seems that the text begins with 80 years of....
    Probably postal service in Bulgaria!?
  18. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Coronation carriage/Imperial carriage
    Österreich 1407-8.jpg
    Austria Sept.28th,1973 Sulky
    Österreich 1426.jpg
    Austria Oct.9th,1974 "Carriolwagen"
    Österreich 1466.jpg
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  19. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    You are probably right,it maybe a cutout from
    an envelope or aerogramme or the like.
    The set and souvenir sheets "80th Anniv.of
    the Bulgarian Post- and Telegraph-Services
    were issued on May 4th and 16th,1959.
    Set and ss. contain a stamp of the above
    design,however with a face value of 16 St..
    Stamps from the s.s. (imperforated) were
    printed in purple on yellow background.
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  20. Paul Fleming

    Paul Fleming New Member

    You are right Don. Especially for me the engraved ones. Hopefully in the near future I'll be looking to them, Spain and the nordic country's for my engravers.
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