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    These stamps were issued on January 25, 1985.

    Cugnot’s steam car, 1769, Curey steam omnibus, 1825, Daimler diesel car, 1885, Benz three-wheeled diesel car, 1886, and Deugeot diesel car were described.

    Wind-power car was described in the souvenir stamp.
    I could learn what our cars looked like in the past.

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    Nice set that would appeal to a topical collector of cars.

  3. philaKS

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    Every time I post, you encourage me, thank you. What kind of topics are you interested in? For you, I want to show as suitable and as good ones as possible. Yours Ever.
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    Very nice group of stamps PhilaKS! One of the last group of stamps, in the flurry of modern releases, that intrigued me were the United States transportation coils. I see some overlap there. Funny how different time periods spurred stamp issuing agencies to copy one another in their stamp releases. I'm sure every collector has noticed this.
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    The only topic I collect is aircraft on stamps. I collect aircraft/airplanes on both stamps and covers. I, indeed, would be pleased to see any aircraft stamps from your country.

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    Sorry, Don. I surely have them. I will send you all my collections of aircraft stamps. I will send you soon. I promise.
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    [QUOTEI will send you soon.][/QUOTE]


    I am looking forward to seeing them, but there is no hurry.

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