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    I have been meaning to post here a lot more but my declining health leaves me not doing much. If this specific post is not in the right place a Mod can move it. I just wanted to draw attention to an Ebay seller I have been purchasing from. I only know the seller through buying, not personally. But, I wanted to let everyone know the seller is top notch and will deal with you in all aspects and is very helpful. Mostly Russia, Western Europe, Africa and few things in between. Since I became old...lol I decided to switch gears a bit and just collect the stamps that struck me as nice looking, not really worrying about catalog price and all that. I really haven't checked this seller's prices with catalog. So....Just a small warning if you think I am overpaying... hehehe

    I sometimes think telling of specific dealers/sellers to others is a great way to ensure the Philatelic hobby continues and to grow. So if you want to trot over to Ebay and take a look I would appreciate. It's my way of saying kudos to this seller. Does a great job and like most could use a bit of support if you find something worthwhile for your collection(s).


    Edit: I forgot to mention the seller is in Canada. Shipping at least to me here in PA is super fast. Bundled orders gets a great discount on postage.

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    Thanks for the find Chuck. I glanced through the things he is selling and he is definitely passionate. You can tell by the effort. He is also selling A LOT of different stamps in excellent conditions.

    I trust your experience and his rating is 5 stars aswell. Sadly, he is too far from me so the shipping adds too much costs. I'll suggest him to my friends that live in the States and around.
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