Featured Hero Who Saved Christmas Receives Honor

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  1. Peter T Davis

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    Hero Who Saved Christmas Receives Honor

    The wait is finally over! One of the world’s biggest, best known and most love television stars has finally achieved his lifelong dream of being honored with his very own US Postage stamp.

    In an interview following the unveiling ceremony the star was quoted as saying ‘It has been a long time coming. I’ve always known my skill set was limited and to be honored like this gives me a tremendous sense of satisfaction. It just goes to show that anyone, regardless of physical differences or public misconceptions, can achieve any goal they set for themselves.”

    If you still don’t know who it is, you will kick yourself when you find out.

    A staple on television sets all over the world during the Christmas holiday season, this beloved character overcame years of taunting and abuse from friends and family. He leapt into the spotlight 50 years ago and seems to have at least 50 years left.

    For years, children all over the world have literally sung his praises. It is a very common sight all over the world to see school children imitating his unique ability.
    pr14_058.png A representative from Rankin/Bass, the producers of the beloved Christmas special, was reportedly overheard blaming the star for nearly shutting the whole production down in 1964. Apparently, the hero of the story was quite demanding, insisting on special hours for shooting, a customized dressing room and according to sources, more oats and hay than three full grown race horses could eat.

    You’ve probably figured out by now the star is Bumble, the Abominable Snow Monster of ‘Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer fame.’ While some are uncomfortable using the term Abominable Snow Monster when speaking of Bumble, his friends and family insist all is well and Bumble loves the attention it brings.

    In the story, in case you are the one person who hasn’t seen it, Bumble overcomes a terrible toothache, some poor decisions by Rudolph and his girlfriend Clarice.

    There is also the matter of Hermey, the misfit elf, and Yukon Cornelius’s brutal assault in which Bumble was knocked unconscious, had all his teeth pulled and was chased off a cliff.

    Fortunately, Bumble was able to keep his wits and bounce on impact to avoid certain death.

    Through it all, Bumble shows up at Santa’s place just in time to put the star on the village’s Christmas tree and save the holiday for all the elves, reindeer and Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

    Many retellings of the story have been mangled through the years so that Rudolph and the homicidal Yukon Cornelius are made out to be heroes.

    Oh, the imagination on some….

    Oh yeah, Rudolph, Santa and Hermey were also honored with a stamp of their own. It just goes to show that a star of Bumble’s magnitude can carry any manner of characters to the top with him.
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  2. SATX Collector

    SATX Collector Remember the Alamo!

    Cute... didn't see that one coming!
  3. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    Cool to know all these stuff and see the stamps. :D
  4. Okay.... I didn't figure it out until I scrolled far enough to see the picture. I guess I should have as often as I watched those holiday specials when I was younger. Great post!
  5. James-2489

    James-2489 Well-Known Member

    Being a foreigner I didn't figure that one out, not familiar with those characters apart from St. Nick and Rudolf.

    Happy Collecting, James
  6. Seetoo

    Seetoo Member

    All of these stamps are super cute. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a few of them. I would have to buy a lot of them, some to use and some to save, of course. The Santa one looks especially colorful and almost 3D-like.
  7. thegrey1

    thegrey1 New Member

    :D Awesome story! I love the nostalgia associated with these characters. They deserve their own stamps!
  8. judyd

    judyd New Member

    That program has really endured! It is one of the few things left that takes me instantly back to my childhood when I hear the music soundtrack on television. I didn't remember that his name was Bumble, though.

    They just don't make quality programs like that any more. Of course, we have CGI now, so I guess it's a trade-off. Children growing up now will never know what they've missed.
  9. Kerron Billouin

    Kerron Billouin New Member

    I wish I could go back in time to Christmas day when I was seven sitting by the tv and watching these nostalgic movies. And his name was Bumble, well after all the years I finally knew..lol! I really miss these heartwarming shows and I think we need movies like these in our lives.
  10. Kerron Billouin

    Kerron Billouin New Member

    These stamps are so wonderful ..certainly brought out the nostalgic Christmas vybes.. Being a foreigner and growing up to these American Christmas shows really brought me to a closer understanding of Christmas culture in America and its impact on me as a child..
  11. HopeMe

    HopeMe Learn and grow

    They're so adorable! My little cousin would love those. I like the little snowflake between forever and USA.

    I don't know the characters besides Rudolf and Santa though. We did get very similar Christmas special programs here too. It warms my heart remembering it.

    Now you made me want snow and Christmas again :)
  12. augusta

    augusta New Member

    these stamps are cute,where can one easily get them,wouldn't mind buying them for safekeeping. we could easily keep memories alive
  13. pistol

    pistol Member

    Wow, these really look great, I never had one like that. Do you know where to buy a Santa stamp?
  14. BillyPat

    BillyPat New Member

    Great story, my grand daughter loves these cartoon type stamps. Who knows, she may become a serious collector some day.
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