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    Complete newbie to the hobby and find it very relaxing and interesting. Need non-Covid-19 reminders so I thought history and stamps might mix. Also reading Hit Man by Lawrence Block and the main character/killer collects stamps.

    Not sure what to collect and could use some input to generate ideas - thoughts. (I do have an interest in birds, beer and business. But then again collecting a single country might be more satisfying...) Thoughts?
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    Hi Phillyguy:

    Welcome to the exchange. I'd recommend starting with a single country's commemorative stamps. Single country stamps are readily available at reasonable cost and printed album pages also available which avoids difficult organizational decisions.

    I also recommend buying a catalog for the country you choose and the basic tools, i.e. tongs, magnifier, mounts or hinges, and perforation guage. U.S. commemoratives, starting at the end of WW II (1946) and working forward should be a good beginning. Lots of stamps to work with at a modest cost. You should decide also if you want to collect mint or used. Used are cheaper and you can hinge them without loss of value.

    Lots of topical stamps available in packets, but they lack continuity and sometimes identification is difficult. There is also the frequent need for world-wide catalogs and the need to layout and draw ones own pages for mounting. Frequently overwhelming for beginners.

    Keep us posted on how your collecting is progressing.

  3. Molokai

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    DON is probably correct about a single country... Perhaps countries where your ancestors originated? Countries you've visited - or would like to visit? I've lived in Hawaii and worked in Newfoundland so am partial to islands such as those and Tasmania. Do some reading, poking around, see what grabs your interest.
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