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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Chuck McDonald, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. Chuck McDonald

    Chuck McDonald New Member

    I've been buying stamps at auctions since the 1970's.
    I collect US mint Singles/Blocks/PlateBlocks before 1940, US coins, pinball machines, artwork, architectural metalwork etc.
    But I am always open minded for any other investment ideas.

    I proudly display my US. stamp collection in Lindner transparent albums. Where I can easily see the backs of all stamps.

    I currently need help identifying 1851-57 Imperf Issues.
    Owning a few of the 1c & 3c , a pic showing color difference between #10 & 11 would be helpful.
    As always Thanks, Chuck
  2. Molokai

    Molokai Moderator Moderator

    Hello, Chuck. Welcome to StampExchange! We're an eclectic group here with a wide variety of philatelic interests.

    I do not collect the 1851-57s but they are a series which has fascinated collectors for a long time. I assume you know the basic references hard-copy and online? I believe the 1c and 3c have their own plating websites with examples of most positions.

    As to #10 and #11. The color difference is fairly pronounced in most cases (in my opinion) but I am not a specialist in them so I could be quite wrong. I can say that from scanner-to-website-to monitor the color differentiation quite tricky.
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  3. Hochstrasse

    Hochstrasse Moderator Moderator

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  4. Harry Golightly

    Harry Golightly NonHinged

    Greetings Chuck & Welcome to this group.
    I enjoyed reading you collecting preferences, although I collect solely MNH British Commonwealth 1970 & earlier.
    For both historic & investment purposes I have dabbled in coinage as well.
    I have a small collection of U.S. primarily better or 'key' coins, the best being a MS-63 FH STQ. PCGS MS-63.
    If I had to characterize my best set of stamps, I guess the MNH Falkland Islands
    Centenary set to 10/- would be it. Can't quite pull off acquiring a nice copy of the 1£ ...YET. LOL!
    Happy collecting & I hope you find this great group of friendly collectors helpful in helping you w/ your identification problem,
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