Hello Group! 1938 Gibraltar Set Question

Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by Harry Golightly, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Harry Golightly

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    As many of you know, this is a WW-II time set and has many varieties listed in both the Scott & Gibbons catalogues. I've been slowly 'cobbling' together some of the
    more difficult perforation varieties and have noticed that the higher values in Perf. 14 all seem to be found w/ extremely toned gum. (Those would be the SG 21, 22, & 23...or the 2/-,5/- & 10/-.)
    I've had to return 2 purchases because the gum is so darkly toned when compared to the Perf 13.5 varieties. Perhaps one of our knowledgeable members know something about the issuing of these perf. 14 stamps... like maybe, that's the quality of the gum used during their printing, etc, etc.
    Any input or even guesses would be appreciated.
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    Non-hinged Harry...a.k.a. Unhinged
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    No idea but they are some of my favourite stamps.
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