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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by footysphere, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. footysphere

    footysphere New Member

    There I was browsing Stamp Collecting Blog, clicked a few links in quick succession and found myself here. Might as well register I thought and introduce myself .. so here I am

    My name is Karl and I like football. I also like stamps so it seems only natural to put the two together .. which I've done over on my recently relaunched blog >> Football Philately

    Just had a year away from my collection but dusted it off a couple of weeks back and soon got the bug back. This looks like a nice place to hang out .. I was a member of MyPhilately but it seems it's been shut down .. without any notice. Bit of a rum do if you ask me. Lots of people have got content on there that's now locked away. Folk should have been given the chance to export their stuff before the site was shuttered. Not to mention personal details.

    Anyway hello all I shall now peruse the forums to get a feel for the place. See y'all around.
  2. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    Welcome to the Forum Karl :D
  3. Sam B

    Sam B Active Member

    welcome Karl, and nice football blog
  4. Darrin

    Darrin Active Member

    Welcome Karl! I agree, interesting blog. I admire you for starting one...I have been tempted but like many things that take time and commitment it will have to wait for another day.
  5. steve logan

    steve logan Logie Bear

    Welcome to the Forum Karl, nice looking football blog, although to be honest i am not a football fan, which a lot of my friends find strange as i only live 400 yards from Old Trafford, and can hear the crowds when a goal is scored or missed as they seem to have done a lot of in the last few weeks my wife tells me lol

    we will look forward to seeing your collection on future posts, and to your help with many stamp subjects that appear

    Steve L
  6. stempelsteuer

    stempelsteuer New Member

    I bet you have not got the Rwanda 1966 world cup stamp that was misprinted 1986 and is now worth a fortune ;)
  7. Philactica

    Philactica Active Member

    Can you show us such a misprint, need not be your own.
  8. kacyds

    kacyds New Member

    Welcome Karl. Put up your feet and stay awhile.
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