Happy (belated) birthday to the late, great Dr Seuss!

Discussion in 'World Stamps' started by queenbellevue, Mar 4, 2015.

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    When was his birthday? I'll have to google it. I really like the artwork that Dr. S came out with, so whimsical. I wouldn't mind having some of his artwork in my house in a large poster-size. I like my colorful artwork to be large in size in order to look at the detail.

    Dr. Seuss had great talent. The stamps look good, hopefully there are a large variety to choose from. I have to do some research.
  3. queenbellevue

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    His birthday was a couple days ago, on the 2nd. I agree he was an amazing wordsmith and artist. I totally grew up reading his books and learning English from them as well
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    Well, belated happy birthday! :)
    Nice stamp and like his works.
  5. Seetoo

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    Yeah, shortly after I read this thread, I googled the information to see when his birthday was, and saw that it had just passed. I'm a grown woman with a teen-aged son, but I still really like Dr. Suess books, lol.

    English is my first language, but I am into different languages (but not fluent in any other than English) and think that it is fantastic that you learned English by reading Dr. Seuss books.
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