Grimsland is my main interest at this time....

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Gill Daoust, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. Gill Daoust

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    10 years ago, I started to collect First Day Covers with a good friend of mine that was a true collector of stamps and FDC's.... He passed last year and men I am missing him.... Over the years I had accumulated a fair amount of all kind of FDC's and stamps... One collection that got me attracted to the famous Henry Grimsland cachet maker, is his engraving quality and is die making craftsmanship... which got me to pile up a bunch of FDC's, I decided to catalog all these FDC's to give me an idea of what the collection was up to???? come to find out that the catalog had over 150 pages of information.....!
    Since this work is almost to the point of being ready to be copyrighted and published, I would like to get more information verification about the content, if someone is interested contact me at anytime with your information and contact infos......
    Thank you and have a great collector day!
  2. BettyBoop

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    Unfortunately I don't know the Grimsland cachets - could you show us a couple? I have some US FDCs but don't know if I have any of his .... thanks
  3. Takis Kalogerakos

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  4. Gill Daoust

    Gill Daoust New Member

    I have most of them in my collection... but there is a couple of these special event stamp that might be available.... I don't have pictures of these items but heard about it..... Thank you for responding to my post...... Gill
  5. Gill Daoust

    Gill Daoust New Member

    The USS Constitution is one that has a lot of history....
    The BYRD Antarctica voyage is a rare one with all these stamps on it....
    And the Grimsland FDC's are simple and is engraving work was some of the best I have seen in my years in the printing industry....

    Thank you for looking and respond to my post.....Gill

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  6. BettyBoop

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    Nice Gill, I'm envious of the Byrd Antarctica one as I also collect Antarctica.
    Have looked through all of mine, and I don't have any of the Grimsland. Have since checked Google, they are nice engravings.
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